Various ideas of stuff we could do or inspirations of what we've seen elsewhere.

Video of the Hackaton

A video that summarizes the Hackaton that took place in Brussels between the 24th and 26th of January.

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What happens if we remove a country from Europe ?

Does it have any effect to the outcome of the vote if we remove all MEPs from one country?We'd expect that it wouldn't matter much if we removed MEPs from a small country because they will only be able to affect the outcome if the majority is very small.  The following facts speak for themselves :

Analysing the corrected votes of the MEPs

Joel Purra, an independent consultant in Information Technology, has been analysing the erroneous votes in the European Parliament.

A wide range of useful tools

Matti Schneider, a french developer, centralised the important tools accessible to the citizens.

Help the European Commission to reform Copyright!

Florian Stascheck developed during the Hackton a campaign website aiming to challenge the EU on its copyright laws. 

Political Memory : bring back citizens in the heart of policy-making.

La Quadrature du Net, a french advocacy group that promotes digital rights and freedom of citizens,  made enhancements to the "Voting Score" function of its Political Memory Tool.

Does your MEP care about the climate ?

During the Hackaton, Laurence Watson and 2 other participants examined MEPs voting records across 11 key votes over the last 5 years.The votes were related to various different aspects of climate change policy.The votes received a weighting of importance.

A better access to the financial declarations of the MEPs

A group of almost 10 participants reviewed 506 original and updated financial declarations of MEPs. Half thousand of hand-written declarations published on the website of the European Parliament in PDF formats. Formats that do not allow to extract easely the information.  The declarations were centralised in a Googlespread sheet (where participants will continue to fill up the missing declarations.)

Great catalogue of political and commercial actors related to the EU

This website enables you to have an overview of the different political and commercial actors related to the European Union.The project of Friedrich Lindenberg combines different sets of information into a search engine, which can be used to quickly retrieve information about the activities of companies, people and institutions in a European context.Currently, the following data sources are included in the catalogue: