Various ideas of stuff we could do or inspirations of what we've seen elsewhere.

Let's do hack again, the 2017 edition: on our watch

After the success of the hackathon "Ignorance is strength" we organised in 2014, or were interested in it. And... this year, we're doing it again! We want to check what the European Parliament has been up to, and let them know that they are on our watch.

We already have about 20 participants from various NGOs in Brussels to help us identify where to dig, and as importantly, make visible and promote whatever juicy details we discover this year. We have more data, more votes, more information on attendance, more declarations of interest from the MEPs and whom they pay for services... lots of yummy data that is just waiting for you to dig into.

A better access to the financial declarations of the MEPs

A group of almost 10 participants reviewed 506 original and updated financial declarations of MEPs. Half thousand of hand-written declarations published on the website of the European Parliament in PDF formats. Formats that do not allow to extract easely the information.  The declarations were centralised in a Googlespread sheet (where participants will continue to fill up the missing declarations.)