European Parliament Response 21 jan 2014

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From: "Service d'information du citoyen" <email redacted>
To: Stefan Marsiske <email redacted>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2014 10:52:48 +0100
Subject: A(2014)247-SG-EN Machine-redeable data request



Dear Mr Marsiske,

The Secretary-General of the European Parliament (EP) has received your message requesting machine-readable data.

The Citizens' Enquiries Unit has been asked to reply.

We appreciate your interest in the activities of the European Parliament and, especially, towards our website.

We would inform you that the data of the European Parliament activities, used by VoteWatch and other third party organisations (e.g. ZDF eu-parlameter or Parltrack), is extracted from the information published on the Europarl website and is, therefore, accessible worldwide to every interested stakeholder (individual citizen, organisation, institution, association, etc.). In addition to the HTML or PDF format for documents, some information on the Europarl website is accessible in a "machine-readable" format (i.e. XML, RSS), notably regarding the composition of the Parliament and the parliamentary procedures (see examples below).

Composition of the Parliament:

Legislative observatory (information about parliamentary procedures)

If you have any further questions on this matter, you may contact directly the EP webmaster at:

We hope this is of interest and thank you for contacting the European Parliament.

Yours sincerely,

Citizens' Enquiries Unit

Please note that the information given by the Citizens' Enquiries Unit of the European Parliament is not legally binding