Analysing the corrected votes of the MEPs

Joel Purra, an independent consultant in Information Technology, has been analysing the erroneous votes in the European Parliament.

The primary goals of this project was to point out the corrected votes during the past five years and list the MEPs offenders who have made the most errors.

But what is a corrected vote? During votings in the European Parliament, each elected and present MEP record their vote. Choices are For, Abstain and Against. If they discover that they made the wrong choice, they themselves can record their vote as being incorrect. This doesn't change the outcome of the voting, it is only done after the votes have been counted.

The tool ep-the-corrections was designed during the Hackaton to help investigative journalists. Joel Purra used data from ep-erroneous-votes, based on open datas from Parltrack, to visualize erroneous, and subsequently corrected, votes by MEPs.