A better access to the financial declarations of the MEPs

A group of almost 10 participants reviewed 506 original and updated financial declarations of MEPs. Half thousand of hand-written declarations published on the website of the European Parliament in PDF formats. Formats that do not allow to extract easely the information.  The declarations were centralised in a Googlespread sheet (where participants will continue to fill up the missing declarations.)

  • A flick'r gallery illustrates the "24 different manners to declare nothing".
  • A third tool offers an intersting visualisation to see how many MEPs have a second job, to which party they belong and how much they earn.
  • Thomas Tursics, a german developer, also collaborated on visualisation and made an interface where you can get information about the age and gender of the MEP’s, the country with the highest number of MEP having an additional work and other interesting data. 
  • A important tool designed by one of the participants allows you to view some of the main results