What happens if we remove a country from Europe ?

Does it have any effect to the outcome of the vote if we remove all MEPs from one country?We'd expect that it wouldn't matter much if we removed MEPs from a small country because they will only be able to affect the outcome if the majority is very small.  The following facts speak for themselves :

  • The results shows that Polish MEPs (threated as a group) has the critical votes most times. The reason is probably that a large number of Polish MEPs belong to the conservative and right-wing groups in the EP and therefore are voting similar on many issues.  
  • Beside poland, Germany (that has the most MEPs) and UK are the only countries that would have changed the result of more than 50 votes. 
  • In a second chart, Niels Erik Kaaber Rasmussen tried treating all women as one group. He find ou that the impact of women is pretty much in line with the number of women in the EP.