What Data can we use?

We don't want to restrict what data can be used during this hackathon. The worldbank or eurostat have interesting ones for instance. However, the focus is going to be the european election.


Parltrack has the complete list of all the MEPs, their dossiers and vote history.

Stefan Marsiske, co-organiser of the Hackathon, has done an amazing job of developing and maintaining a software that goes daily on every page of the European Parliament to see if there is any new information and extract it. He has millions of records and he shares them under an open data licence, meaning anyone is free to take the data, analyse it and create something new. Part of the aim of our event is to highlight what can be done with this huge amount of open data and encourage others to do the same.

Mepwatch has done the same work on written and oral questions.

You can already think about what you want to focus on. Do you have a list of amendments you'd want to look at in detail and see paterns? the more prepared you are, the more likely we'll be able to work together and deliver something great.


We have dumps of the data. Ask us when you register if you need help to download and have a look in advance.