Annual Recap Feature In TikTok

TikTok enables the users to review the top happenings on their account for the past one year. Like other platforms like Instagram, TikTok creates summary videos of the particular year and is named “Year on TikTok”. It effectively features the type of videos mostly watched by the users, along with their favorite tracks and stunning effects. Also, it shares the metrics of how often the user commented and shared videos.  The user can check out the annual recap video by clicking the “For You” feed in the application or go to the discover page and tap on the newly included banner. Offering personalized retrospective is an effective marketing strategy taken by the popular social media platforms. This approach has proved itself to be certainly successful.

Also, TikTok adds the 2021 badge to the users’ profile picture who share their yearly summary video with the community. However, it is not possible to create a history for review if the user did not stay on the platform for a longer period. Still, these users can enjoy the platform’s own Top 100. Therefore TikTok cannot provide annual recap videos to those accounts. More users like and interact with the platform. Eventually, they are offered better recap videos. Also, the user needs to have the latest version of the TikTok app to enjoy this feature.  

When lockdown began in the country, Zoom entered a rescuing armor To offer video- conferencing solutions that reduced work complexity. Though Zoom has existed since 2011, it never gained the attention of the users on a larger scale. But today, Zoom has turned out to be a general meeting platform for official purposes. Also, people started using them for personal communication. But many users pushed away from the app due to safety concerns. All the social platforms compete against each other to rectify the security measures and include innovative features like noise cancellations.

Like Spotify offers “Wrapped” and Instagram grants “Top 9” to the users, TikTok has come up with the year-in-review option. The precision of TikTok’s recap feature gave rise to debates. For instance, few users found that the content of their vibes was not relevant to the search. It is understood that TikTok is focusing much on the positive side of “Vibes,” and it is cutting down videos based on political themes.

Spotify’s Wrapped was initially invited by the users. Later the users began complaining that the Wrapped Shares took the upper hand and dominated social feeds at the end of the year. The app addressed the problem partially by offering customizing options for its Wrapped output and also allows the user to customize their Wrapped cards before they share them with their friends. By this approach, the flooding of “Wrapped Shares” did not appear similar to that of previous years, and also, it was received with a reduced annoyance.

The “Year on TikTok” reached more than five billion views. The platform, thanks to the users who have adopted the tag with an expectation to achieve. The real achievement will be the number of creators who are yet to receive the 2020 badge on their profile. TikTok also offers third-party alternatives. Retro play is an app that launched its own “Year in Review” of TikTok. Besides providing the stats and metrics, it encourages users to vote for their inspiring creators and favorite videos. The retro play has a “Superlative” option that enables users to collect cards from their preferred creators and customize and highlight reels independently. If you want your TikTok videos to get higher ranking you can buy TikTok likes.            

TikTok provides opportunities for users to stroll down their memory lane with the help of the “Year on TikTok” feature. The video highlights the user’s favorites in the year 2020. Along with the “Year on TikTok” feature, “vibes” are included in the platform based on the type of content the users preferred watching and their response to posts such as likes, shares, and comments. TikTok has temporarily disabled the Highlight Reel feature according to the feedback

2020 was typically a year of challenges for TikTok. Amid pandemic situations and chaos in presidential elections, TikTok dealt with the ban and underwent immense pressure in selling its assets of the United States. Despite the weird conditions, TikTok still emerged as the profound social media platform of the year. The platform is expanded to grow even greater in the year 2021.